Mandala Meditation: A Three–Week Painting Journey

The key to achieving your goals in life is focusing all your attention on what you’re doing. But with the many responsibilities, challenges in work, the safety of our families, and procrastination, focusing can be pretty challenging. Therefore, the first part of our workshops teaches you how to focus using Mandala meditation.

This is a sacred technique that was born out of various traditions. It can help you create a zen space that will help you with trans induction and meditation. Thanks to the image’s symmetrical shape, we can easily focus on the centre.

The unique design of this art centres your mind and locks out all the chattering thoughts. Mandala will act as your focus point when meditating. It can help you envision a perfect version of yourself, which will help you better yourself.

Mandala has a hypnotic effect that lets the creative part of your brain run freely. It tends to give the analytical part of our brain a break, leaving us focused and without any worry.

During the 3 weeks, we’ll teach you different forms of the mandala. You’ll start by selecting what works for you and focusing on it. After setting your intention, you can start relaxing and let your mind wander.

Explore your artistic skills with online art courses.
Explore your artistic skills with online art courses.

Monthly Virtual Art Retreat + Women’s Creativity Circle

Life is stressful, particularly when we don’t have time. Therefore, it’s easy for anyone to lose their creativity and yearn for inspiration from life. You can do this once a month when you give yourself a day off, thanks to the monthly virtual art retreat.

As creative entrepreneurs, it’s easy for us to feel lost and forgetful. We can feel overloaded with indecisiveness, information, and stubbornness. If you feel like this, then you may just want to connect with your inner intuition and discover answers to your questions and clarity in life.

To get back to your usual self, you should attend our virtual art retreat and creativity circle. We can reconnect, reflect, and rejuvenate together.

Creative Clarity Sessions

What are you constantly worrying about? Is it your job, kids, health, or business? Are you scared of changing careers? Our simple but unique creative sessions will help you find the root of your problems.

We will help you eliminate your worries and replace them with hope and a unique symbol that can serve as your visual talisman. The symbol can guide your imagination and thoughts about what you want in life. So instead of focusing on your worries, we’ll guide you from the bad things to excitement and optimism.

The creative clarity sessions can redirect you to the right path in life and help you win your battles. Sure, the problems will still be there, but with your focus changed, things will start improving for the better.

Unlock your creative potential with online art courses and creative clarity sessions.
Unlock your creative potential with online art courses and creative clarity sessions.

Vision Board Dreams

At times, worries can easily overwhelm us and prevent us from focusing on our goals. This is where vision boards can come in handy. Basically, vision boarding is a process that helps us envision our dreams and manifest them with time.

It can be love, money, health, and, in some cases, the actual purposes of your life. To make the changes you yearn for, you must fantasize and even dream about them before manifesting them. With a clear vision board, you will have images of what you want within a certain period.

In the workshops, we’ll teach you how to create a vision board and focus on what matters in life. And with time, you’ll manifest your heart’s desire. You can create short-term or long-term vision boards. These boards will remind you of what you’re working towards.