Become Self-Employed

Take control back by becoming self-employed. So instead of experiencing poor working hours and pressure from your bosses, you can create your own working hours.

If you’re tired of this rat race, you can finally get your freedom and control by becoming self-employed. Fortunately, several freelance jobs don’t require too many qualifications. For more, please read on.

Take charge of your career and become self-employed.
Take charge of your career and become self-employed.

Become a Blogger/Influencer

If you have something to share with everyone online and believe you can attract subscribers, you should become a blogger or influencer. As an influencer, you only need various social media accounts to get started. You can begin with TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

All you have to do is pick a niche, do your research, and then create entertaining content. You can even share your life experiences in a creative way. And then, upload them to your accounts and share links to your content. With proper branding, marketing, and captivating content, you can create a business.

Remember, consistency is key. Therefore, you should focus on increasing your views and subscribers before thinking of sponsorships. Blogging is similar to becoming an influencer, but instead of videos, you’ll write articles and share them on a blog. You’ll be posting your content on your blog and improving your organic search ranking.

These jobs will give you some freedom, and if successful, you will get the financial freedom that you desire.

Check Remote Worksites

There are several tasks you can do to earn some cash online or in your hometown. For instance, if you’re a designer, you can get clients online.

Some of the top remote sites to get freelance work on a wide range of jobs include:

  • We Work Remotely
  • FlexJobs
  • Just Remote

But make sure you create a portfolio of your previous work before applying for these jobs.

Start an Affiliate Marketing

With a reliable email list, blog, and even YouTube account, you can start an affiliate marketing business. Fortunately, there are several businesses looking for affiliate marketers, and this includes casinos and several financial institutions.

Start by applying for affiliate marketing and share your unique link on your blog or website.

Affiliate marketing can create a great form of passive income that can earn you some cash for years. After building your brand as a blogger or influencer, you can start affiliate marketing.

Toplist of the biggest niches in affiliate marketing

Technology and Gadgets: Continuously evolving with new products like smartphones, laptops, software, and other electronic gadgets.

Health and Wellness: Encompassing dietary supplements, fitness equipment, health foods, and wellness programs.

Beauty and Personal Care: Covering skincare, makeup, haircare, grooming products, and more.

Finance and Money Making: Involving financial services, investment products, insurance, credit cards, and educational resources on financial literacy and investing.

Fashion and Apparel: Including clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry, with a focus on the latest trends.

Gambling and Betting: This niche includes online casinos, sports betting, poker, and other betting platforms. It’s a highly lucrative area due to the popularity of online gambling and the substantial commissions that affiliates can earn. However, it’s important to note that the gambling niche is highly regulated, and affiliates must adhere to legal and ethical standards.

Content Writing

Another popular online job that you can do remotely is content writing.

Content writing is not a new job; in fact, it has been there for years. If you love writing, then you can start by taking some online content writing courses.

Pick a niche and then create a few unique articles and post them in your blog and market your services. You can create an account with Upwork and Fiverr and apply for some writing tasks.

Be a Freelancer

Another field with wide varieties is freelancing, and with the many sites advertising these jobs, you’re bound to get something that fits your skills. Start by setting up your own Fiverr account and market your skills.

Some popular freelancing jobs include content writing, programming, data analysis, accounting, and tutoring. Therefore, you can start it as a part-time job, and once you’re comfortable, you can exit the 9-to-5 rat race and become a full-time freelancer.

Embrace the freelance lifestyle and be your own boss.
Embrace the freelance lifestyle and be your own boss.

Benefits of Self-Employment

  • You have control over your time.
  • No financial limits.
  • You’re not fixed on a particular role.
  • Independence
  • You can determine your success rate.
  • It’s a learning process, and you can increase your earnings with time.


  • No monthly pay cheques.
  • When starting, you have to work hard and more time.
  • You might end up paying more tax.
  • Separating business from personal life can be a bit challenging.