Art Workshops & Training

Virtual Live Art Lab

Are you an aspiring or seasonal creator/artist looking for support and inspiration to rejuvenate your work? Would you like to finally accept your creative calling and start drawing? Then, you should join our virtual live art lab.

Basically, this is a small online platform of creators, therapists, leaders, and designers from a wide range of fields.

This platform features professionals who know the role arts can play in our lives and how they can change it.

We have created a unique platform where you can explore, try out, observe, and even activate the artistic side of your mind. Basically, our primary goal is cultivating awareness while engaging your imagination.

To achieve this, we use various artistic practices like painting, drawing, and other mixed media methods. The platform also includes performances, improvisations, installations, and creative rituals. Anyone can find a home here.

Unlock your creative potential through engaging art workshops and training.
Unlock your creative potential through engaging art workshops and training.

Just Paint

These are hands-on workshops that encourage us to paint using several innovative ways. During the sessions, painters let their work speak for them while shaping their creative side. They use simple tools and techniques to relinquish control and create exceptional paintings.

The main goal of these sessions is to help students who want to create an authentic way of painting from a place of awareness. In the process, they will learn how to:

  • Tap into your primal creative energy.
  • Experiment with colour palette, composition, and shadow & light.


Our art classes are all about teaching you to express yourself using both digital and analogue tools. Basically, we’ll combine collage, live painting, creative writing, and performances with video and photography to create a unique multi-media artwork. During the sessions, you’ll:

  • Learn how to use digital tools for exploration and creative play.
  • Create and shape different layers of shapes in video collages and digital collages.
  • Learn hands-on art using digital tools.
  • Find out how to switch between digital and hands-on creation.
  • Learn how to deepen and expand your portraits,

Mixed Media

This is a hands-on session with participants exploring the symbolic, aesthetic, and inspiration potential of objects, images, and textures. You will learn how our creative side can reveal itself thanks to unexpected synchronicities and unconscious connections.

It combines assemblage, collage, scrapbooking, and a wide range of techniques on canvas, hard surface, or paper. In the process, you’ll learn the following:

  • Exploring unconscious and conscious symbolic dreams, language, and dream images.
  • How to turn the inner voices and critics into constructive support.
  • Exploring the aesthetics of symbolic language and metaphors.

Ritual & Performances

Basically, you’ll be using sound & voice art, improvisation, and physical theatre as transformative rituals. You will explore the potential of artistic performances and rituals. In the process, you will learn how your body is related to sound, space, objects, and time at the crossroad of creation, drama, and movement.

These classes are for individuals who want to practice expression arts in a professional place. Therefore, you’ll learn improvisation, costume and mask creation, and nature-based art, among others.

Professional Expressive Arts Training

This is excellent training for facilitators in contemporary arts, digital media, and expressive arts. Like most expressive arts training, it features live and online seminars. It includes about 320 hours of guided study and 165 hours of present-time studies. 

In fact, it is the foundation of a master’s in psychology and expressive arts.

This training focuses on the practice and principles of Expressive Arts, phenomenological observation, creative writing and poetry, sound and voice collage, and performance & ritual, among others.

The society, health, and arts division of the European Graduate School has accredited this course. So if you plan on taking your art to the next level, consider enrolling for the next intake.